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Pilgrim Notebooks is Away

Pilgrim Notebooks has been called away from the Adelaide homeland for a while.

Artisans may seek to make meaning and experience, but the medium through which they do this is a physical one, worked with the hands; the craft thrives in a more settled environment than my current one.


Unfortunately, I will not be able to make orders for the festive season.

There will be a blog post with updates about Pilgrim Notebooks coming soon.


Bullet Journaling with Artisans

Phoebe Hunter of Huntermade and Christopher Jolly of Pilgrim Notebooks have been collaborating on manifesting some minimalist philosophies in making. They struck common ground when it came to using the bullet journal system as an analogue system in the digital age - a practice they both use in the context of digital minimalism.


Phoebe suggested this cross-over as a topic for an interview. Read Phoebe's questions and Chris' thoughts in the journal.