Pilgrim Notebooks are made by Christopher George Penfold. He is an Adelaide local dedicated to creating sincere and practical objects with true integrity. He has spent years slowly building up a unique approach to making, but almost all of it unseen, being hidden within the structure of the books. His notebooks have travelled the entire world as steadfast companions.

Christopher is currently shifting his focus to the role of making and using notebooks in the earth-system, and in our spiritual, personal, and social cultures.

Chris is a self-taught bookbinder, and believes that the art of making is deep within all of us. He has a degree with first class honours in environmental biology from the University of Adelaide. He spends his time outside of making studying Tolkien, reading and writing, sailing, and watching birds.


Pilgrim Notebooks are made by hand in Adelaide. All of the notebooks are functional objects at heart; they seek to bring joy through how they are used. The designs are allowed to find their own form in an uncontrived way, with no superflous flourish, but rather a complete dedication to structural integrity.

Pilgrim Notebooks is a minimal business. The amount of equipment is kept to the minimum, and processes are only explored after research and examination of the structures. Pilgrim Notebooks are not decorated unless by custom order. Respect for materials and craftsmanship is at the centre, so each piece is valued and unique.

Many of the processes in bookbinding have been practiced since medieval times. The designs behind the notebooks are not the result of tradition, however. Engaging with the making and using of books is the guiding design process. The notebooks are not static, but are responding to the challenges posed, and becoming unique, practical objects for our lives today.