Objects and Values

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Seven thoughts, which are not necessarily related:

~ Objects do not possess values. But people do.

~ Objects can be made by people, who have values. Supporting the independence of craftspeople can help objects become more aligned with particular values.

~ Try being process orientated. If you want to consume slowly, consider how slowly your objects were designed and made. Consider also not what it is, but if it is likely to be used with intention and purpose.

~ Our possessions do not define nor represent our values. We have values already, and don't need to demonstrate them through possession. Seek the process of letting things fit into your life.

~ Be nuanced with design preferences, and don't obtain something that does not fit. But also let good design and making talk to how you do things. When something joins your life, how it is used or placed can be more important than what it is. Good objects have a conversation with you about this process.

~ This narrative is about the importance of 'how', not 'what'.

~ Alignment is not about definitions and labels and first impressions; it is about nuanced, internal harmony.

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