Why do we want Handmade?

Why do we desire handmade things? Why do we seek the work of artisans even through the ages of industrialisation and technology, when handmade things are expensive and difficult to obtain? There is indeed a unique quality to handmade things that cannot be replicated. Book-craft was matured well before the industrial era, and that ancient core is still the basis of the bookbinder’s technique. But that is an esoteric view, and it is not why I make things by hand.

It is the craving for the genuine that drives us to look for handmade things. Just as we are less connected to the earth and natural cycles, we feel less connected to certain ways of doing things. There is a process: feeling and knowing each material, acknowledging their unique characteristics and origins in the living world, and then slowly, considerately bringing them together to make an object of integrity. It is a sincere experience. We cannot do this for everything right now, and perhaps we never will - I myself do not shy away from industrially made materials. But it is good that we still value handmade things as much as possible. I believe it is a mindful way of thinking, which guides us towards a meaningful and engaged world.

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