Dotted Journal

Dotted Journal

A well-made book with a dash of rusticism, crafted for you to enact the bullet journal method. Useable and tough: this notebook is hand bound using cross link stitching, made with durable card endpapers, and covered in thick-weave lithuanian linen.


This edition is equipped with a light dotted grid of 5 mm spacing, designed to give full utility for drawing up your journal, without imposing too heavily on the aesthetic of page-spreads.


Flexible binding hand-sewn with quality linen thread

A binding that opens flat, allowing pages to be used edge-to-edge

210 x 135 mm

Charcoal Linen

235 gsm endpaper card
216 dotted pages, 70 gsm, 100% recycled
Recycled fibre cover boards

Marker ribbon of knitted linen

Waxed Jute closure cord


Shipped anywhere in Australia for $5

  • Notebooks are handcrafted to order - usually within five working days - and sent off as soon as they been made (and carefully inspected for a quality bind, of course!)


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