The Brandybuck ~ A kangaroo leather Journal

The Brandybuck ~ A kangaroo leather Journal

A sturdy Kangaroo Leather Journal, rustic and hard-workding, it’s got character by the bagfull. The Brandybuck is a notebook that gets better with age. It uses a minimal binding method, where the leather overhangs the pages block; each time it receives a battering, the leather folds downs to add more protection. Over-time, it will wear-in to look and feel marvelous. We have included some picutres of the very first Brandybuck and how it came out after being filled.




Highest quality Kangaroo leather ~ Kangaroo has a superbly tight grain, making it incredibly strong yet not too thick
240 pages, 70 gsm, 100% recycled OR 132 pages, 150 gsm, 100% recycled
Sturdy Araucaria cunninghamii ply covers, sanded, bevelled and stained

Kangaroo leather closure tie

Back pocket for storing lose leaves

Flexible cord-supported binding, sewn with linen thread on hemp cords


Sizes available (standard, large):

  • 210 mm x 135 mm ~ A great all round size for a travel journal; same height as A5 papers, convenient for A4 documents folded in thirds
  • 240 mm x 155 mm ~ For spreading out. Think lectures, more spatious diagrams and drawings, or just a ton of writing

pictured: 210 mm x 135; worn in Brandybuck 240 mm x 155 mm


Shipped anywhere in Australia for $5


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