The Wrecan

The Wrecan

This run of special edition books were inspired by glueless styles of medieval vellum binding. In honour of the old poets and makers this book bears as its name the Old-English word wrecan, meaning to bring forth; to lay down; to impress.


These books are soft covered books with less finishing work than some of our other editions, but the focus on a quality bind is always the same. This will serve marvelously as an idiosyncratic companion for many personal projects.


Made with hand-dyed Kangaroo leather, so every edition is unique.

Hand-bound with linen thread on double bands of kangaroo leather.


Each book has pages 176 mm x 125 mm in size (B6), plus a fringe of leather approx 5 mm wide.
Blank 118 gsm smooth cream paper (Mohwawk Via Smooth).


Option 1: Leftmost in picture 1; pictures 4-7. Medium Brown, no overhang closure.


SOLD [Option 2: Middle in picture 1; picture 2. Mocasin Red-Brown, rectangular overhang.]


Option 3: Rightmist in picture 1; picture 3. Light tan, angled overhang.


Because this is a glueless book, Once you have fillled it up, You can keep on using re-using the leather by asking us to rebind it for you. (Please get in touch if you would like to know the details and pricing).


Shipped anywhere in Australia for $5


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