Paper Binds [Set of Three]

Paper Binds [Set of Three]

Minimal and lightweight books, made with quality recycled paper. Bound in cross-link stitching with linen thread and sewn-in thick endpaper sections. These notebooks are fantastic for organising projects.

140 blank pages, 70 gsm, recycled paper
end paper sections of 250 gsm paper

Sizes available (see last photo for a sizing reference):

  • 210 mm x 130 mm ~ Same height as A5 paper but a smidge slimmer; protects A4 pages folded into thirds.
  • 240 mm x 155 mm ~ great for spreading out a little. Think notes in lectures, broad sketches and diagrams, or just a ton of writing.

Pictured: 240 mm x 155 mm


Set of Three, shipped anywhere in Australia for $5



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