The Lesser Pilgrim ~ A classic, sturdy pilgrim

The Lesser Pilgrim ~ A classic, sturdy pilgrim

A solid, tactile notebook, boasting a uniquely rustic minimalism. The Lesser Pilgrim seeks the durability and performance that make a good notebook, and isn't afraid of being a bit rough in the process. It's bound to be an invaluable adventure companion. Sturdy covers and a strong yet flexible binding create an excellent writing surface.


225 x 145 mm, pages measure 215 mm  x 130 mm.

264 blank pages, 70 gsm, recycled Or 144 blank pages, 150 gsm, recycled
Sturdy Araucaria cunninghamii ply covers, sanded, bevelled, stained, polished with beeswax solution

Elastic utensil holder

Spine finished with thick-weave denim.
Flexible handsewn binding, linen thread on hemp cords


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